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CHAINster electric chain hoists for loads up to 5,000 kg

Optimal space utilization

Compact dimensions and best hook approach, space saving trolleys

High safety in operation

Emergency Stop button, 48 V Contactor control, drop stops, robust industrial design

Gentle work

Upper and lower lifting limit switch, minor noise emission, stepless load moving with motor trolley and inverter

Low installation and maintenance costs

Standardized electrical modules generally with plug connections, easy accessibility due to modular construction, time saving adjustment of trolley flange width, low weight

Advantage: Efficient and economical operations with the highest quality

  • With upper hook, push and motor trolley
  • Housing made completely from aluminum
  • Up to 2,500 kg only single fall
  • Chain sprocket with intermediate teeth and metal chain guide
  • Reliable contactor control
  • Lifetime brake

CHAINsterGT electric chain hoists with integrated hoist inverter for loads up to 2,500 kg

Integrated frequency inverter technology

The integrated and pre-programmed hoist inverter offers a range of functions and ensures greater operating safety; no extra effort required when starting up (Plug & Play)

Effective and quick operationWide range of speeds with greater hoist speeds at partial load (ESR, e.g. double the hoist speed at a partial load of < 30%) and lower hoist speeds for precise positioning of loads

Safety and reliability thanks to intelligent hoist monitoring
Electronic monitoring of the slipping clutch, permanent calculation of the safe working period «SWP» (load spectrum recorder), mechanical and electronic overload protection, prevention of shock loads (reduces the impact of sudden shocks)

Advantage: Efficient and cost-effective operation with a maximum of quality

CRAFTster hand chain block for loads up to 20,000 kg

Optimum use of space

Compact design and optimum approach dimensions, handy for transportation to site of operation

Flexible usage

Wide range of applications, independent to power supply, heavy duty model as option, heavy load and explosion proof version available

High safety in operation

Robust industrial design, proven design, high quality interior parts

Gentle operation

Low unit weight, chain nut with ball bearings as an option

Advantage: Each time useable lifting equipment with high reliability

  • Hand chain block
  • Manual lever puller
  • Beam clamp
  • Chain driven trolley, standard and low headroom
  • Push trolley
  •  Explosion proof as option




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